The Old and The Mall


It has been a long time since I have wandered around the now “Santa Fe Place” mall. It makes me think about old friends and a lot of (what are now) old memories. Realizing that I wandered these halls late at night waiting for friends to get off of their shifts, acted like a complete idiot and spent what felt like a fortune in its shameful display of style is a reminder to me that growth and maturity are interesting things.

I remember times that made me feel like I knew what life was all about when I was 19. Expanding social circles, late night rendenvous, and a ridiculous social circle kept me occupied outside of my daily routine of Internet advertising. Looking back, I didn’t have a clue what was really going on. My vision was limited by social acceptance, the money in my wallet, and hormones.

My whole purpose of my visit to this practically empty symbol of 90’s commercialism is to acquire new glasses for my (sadly) deteriorating eyesight. Thankfully LensCrafters is still hanging around. Illustrations pop up in my mind of this entire place being in rubble with a neon LensCrafters sign blinking faintly through the dust and debris with an aged Alejandro still trying to make the customers happy in his wartorn oxford cloth shirt and overwhelming cologne.


It is an interesting thing to think about: these once ever-popular meccas of trade are now just empty vessels of air-conditioned space with no real public service or purpose. The Internet and its commercial possibilities eliminated the need for these behemoths of square footage. Yet, here they stand.

I would imagine that this is what it feels like to return to ones High School to wander the hallways and entertain the flood of memories, scents and sights of both good and bad natures.

With my visit to this concrete abyss nearing its end, I’ll go for one more walk around the vacant, stale halls, leaving behind another set of footprints stained with memory and bubblegum.

Age well, Santa Fe Place. I’ll always think of you fondly when I see a Foot Locker and a really badass pair of shelltoes.


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