Currents 2012



The show brought visual media artists from across the country, nay, world into Santa Fe for exhibiting their explorations into creative new avenues utilizing video, film, interactive camera technology, and innovative projector usage.

I found a few exhibits in particular more interesting than others, including the Kinect camera hacked exhibits, the “W3FI” exhibit, and the chaos attractor models that were being displayed in real-time.

This was the closing weekend for Currents 2012, which brought an interesting concert into the mix as well: a performance by Francisco Velazquez from Brazil and a cooperative improvisational performance from Noisefold and cellist Francis Marie Uitti.

I found Francisco’s performance refreshing with the knowledge that the pictures manipulated and used in the program were taken from his trip from Brazil to here, meaning that his program was freshly updated with new content in order to customize it, of sorts, to the particular venue and audience.

Having seen some of Francis Marie Uitti’s performances on Vimeo through her website (¬† ) I was curious to see what instrument she was going to bring and how she would integrate into a video performance trio. The particular style of improvisation wasn’t my particular cup of tea, but it was nice to experience something fresh in the musical realm regardless of its abrasive mix of processed electric cello and sine/saw wave experimentation.

Ms. Uitti is noted for creating a “two-bow” playing style on a cello, of which she demonstrated several times. There was a particular event in which she used two bows with the same hand to play different strings that I was struck by.

All in all the show was stated as being quite a success, and I’m happy new media exhibitions like Currents 2012 have a home in Santa Fe. As the area of new media art grows, I don’t think there’s a better place for showing some of the both well-established and up-and-coming video artists’ work.


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